14 July 2017

5 Back to School Outfits for Teachers

Back to school is quickly approaching... and do you know what that means? Back to School SHOPPING!

Now, we all know that when it comes to a teacher's budget we're not working with a lot of money, so places like Target, TJMaxx, Marshall's, etc. are the place to go to spruce up the new school year's wardrobe. I'm very fortunate that the couple schools I work in all have air conditioning, but I know that there are some that are not as lucky (come on administrators, it's 2017!!!)

So, I've compiled a few work-friendly, warm weather, back to school teacher outfits and trends for fall that I found at Target. I've tried my best to link them to the Target website if I could find the item. Hopefully for all the items that I couldn't, you can find them in your local store. (Sorry Canada, I feel for you not having Target) I normally wear a medium or a large depending on how things are made. I'll try to give an idea of how the size fit.

It's kind of hard to tell in the pic, but it is a pinkish color with a white palm kind of detail. I believe it was $27.99 and was the Merona brand. It was the last dress I tried on and I think it was my favorite! It was very lightweight and fit true to size. I thought it was pretty flattering as well. I wore it up on my shoulders, but they styled it as an off the shoulder sleeve. Perfect for after work, right? Check it out here

I loved, loved, loved these two skirts. I didn't buy them, but I am going to be ordering them p.r.o.n.t.o! They fit so well and were comfortable (yay, elastic band!). They're a great length for a teacher. Plus, I'm a sucker for stripes. I didn't particularly love the shirt I picked out to go with them, but it worked. I like to tuck shirts into skirts like this... (a plain ole t-shirt would work on this as well). Here is the floral one and the striped one. I wish I would have seen this one.

Couldn't find this one online, but I'm sure you can find something similar in the store. They had a lot that were this style. There was a slit up the side to the knee, so it was not anything too risque, but I did think it was pretty long for the average person (I'm 5'5"). I do like the elastic in the middle to make it more flattering, but it wasn't my favorite outfit. I do love the print though.

I suppose this is more for a little cooler weather, but the shirt was very lightweight and cool feeling, so it wouldn't be bad on a little warmer days. This is another one of my favorites. I love a crisp white pant with a simple top. So easy, so timeless. Couldn't find it online (aaaaah, Target!!) but hopefully you can or in store!

The last two are not the absolute best choices for teachers to wear to work, but I had to include them! I love the trends!

These shorts are the cutest! It's hard to tell but there are little pineapples on them! Adorable! I saw pineapples EVERYWHERE in Target. Made me want a pina colada. Also, can we talk about this chambray shirt? Nothing could have been more comfortable and softer than this shirt. Go with the half-tuck and maybe a cute green cardigan and voila! shorts are here and I have seen this tee everywhere on everyone and I looooove it!

I love the look of these and the comfort level is fantastic. It's almost romper-like, because there are actually shorts underneath and a dressish, capeish, kind of bottom over top. It's very different, but momma like. Couldn't find the exact one online, but here is a similar one

So, that's it. I wanted to buy it all, but I did not because...
Someday, Target, someday!

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  1. You've got me on Target perusing those cute skirts... Love your finds!